Sentimental Journey Dance Band
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Come dance, swing, and listen to the Sentimental Journey Dance Band! Whether you are ballroom dancing to a wide variety of tempos, reminiscing to old standards like Stardust, romancing to warm ballads such as Unforgettable, swinging to Jump, Jive and Wail and In The Mood, or just listening to big band favorites such as Dream, the Band lives up to its logo, “Music from the 40’s to the Present”. The ability of the Band to play music for all ages continues to insure the band’s ever increasing popularity.

Venues of performances by the Band include national conventions, jazz clubs, large corporations, private parties, weddings, country clubs, luxury hotels, excursion boats, state fairs, military and hanger dances, charity balls, ballroom dancer associations, and college and city park concerts. The Band has traveled as far away as Florida. Repeat performances by the Band are a must for many of these groups planning their annual activities.

The desire to recapture the sounds generated by the Sentimental Journey Dance Band at live performances has resulted in the band’s latest CD, “Sentimental Journey Flying High”. The recording is enjoying popularity on radio stations across the country and includes 24 arrangements of 29 tunes frequently requested. Such tunes as Jump, Jive and Wail, Blue Skies, and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy project the band’s energy and ability to swing, while other tunes provide a great variety of tempos within the band’s vast repertoire.

The roots of the band began with Russ Dieterich forming his first dance band at age 14 and continuing to have a band throughout high school and college. After completing medical school and training in obstetrics and gynecology, Russ formed the Sentimental Journey Dance Band while in the Air Force. The band was initially comprised of college students from Central Missouri State University. When Russ moved to the St. Louis area, the students were gradually replaced by local musicians, many of whom are school music teachers.

The stability of the band membership has led to a tight ensemble sound and a spirit of musical family that is rare in big bands today. 15 of the present 18 members have been with the band for at least 15 years. The cohesiveness of the membership leads to performances that are filled with fun, energy, and a musical enthusiasm that is contagious to the audience. That enthusiasm that prevails between the band and the audience is exemplified when, during a performance, the band joins the audience on the dance floor for a chorus of “ Woodchoppers Ball”.

The Sentimental Journey Dance Band has been pleasing dancing and listening audiences for over 30 years. Over those years the Band has gained stature as one of the best big bands in the Midwest. Take advantage of an opportunity to share the fun of big band music with a truly enjoyable dance band. Once you experience the sounds of the Sentimental Journey Dance Band, perhaps you too will say, “WHAT A BAND!”

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